Инфинитив и герундий. Практические упражнения для подготовки к ЕГЭ

Продолжаем наше изучение грамматики в рамках подготовки к ЕГЭ по английскому языку и предлагаем в этой статье только упражнения к пройденным темам в предыдущих статьях, по герундию и инфинитиву.

Итак, первые упражнения посвящены повторению инфинитива.


  1. Переведите на русский язык

In order to know a foreign language well one must read and speak as much as possible. To solve this problem is extremely important. To solve (in order to solve) this problem you have to make a great many experiments. To drive a car in a big city is very difficult. To drive a car in a big city one must be an experienced driver. It takes the rays of the sun 8 minutes to get to the earth. To get to the earth the rays of the sun have to travel during 8 minutes. To help our comrades is our duty. Our comrades do their best to help us in all our beginnings. Many of our students work hard to carry out their assignments as soon as possible. To avoid the accident the cars had to move very slowly. It takes me an hour to get to the Institute. To get the new magazine I had to go to the library. These houses are too small to be seen from there. To calculate the age of our planet requires much knowledge in different branches of science. To calculate the age of our planet one must have much knowledge in different branches of science. To run modern machines workers must be educated. He was too tired to be asked any questions. The experiment made by our scientist was so successful as to give us valuable results. To find the mass of the electron numerous experiments had to be made. To convert chemical energy into electrical energy we must use an electrical cell.

  • Переведите на русский язык

The article to be translated is rather difficult. The problem to be studied in the shortest time possible is very important. “You are the second to answer at the examination”, said the teacher. That man was the last to take part in the discussion. The new method to be used depends upon the natural conditions of the district. The factors to be considered are of great importance taking into account the further development of this method. The conference to be held in a few months will consider various ways of establishing contacts among scientists of different countries. This young scientist’s report will be discussed at the meeting to be held on the 23rd January. The articles to be found in that magazine will help you to solve the problem you are working at. The machinery to be installed in our shop was built by Soviet machine-building plants. We have tested the machine to be put into service the day after tomorrow. The Russian scientists were the first to construct and launch those bright stars –artificial satellites or sputniks as they are called throughout the world. The Russian scientists were also the first to construct and launch the space rocked. The successful launching of the Russia cosmic rocked has actually started the era of interplanetary travel. The building, to house atomic reactors, should be situated at some distance from the other buildings. Metal parts to be electroplaned are to be cleaned by sound. This is done by a powerful ultrasonic generator.

  • Переведите текст на русский язык

To explain the problem we were interested in he demonstrated some diagrams. The question to be discussed at the meeting is very important. Our plant is to fulfil this assignment as soon as possible. Many research workers of our Institute asked to be invited to take part in the expedition. They are glad to have passed their examinations with excellent marks. He is glad to have begun working at this problem. Everything was done to facilitate the expedition. He was the first to apply the invention in this branch of science. The first question to be considered is whether that method is efficient to apply in that case.  The plan of our research work will be discussed at the conference to be held next week. A.Popov was the first to invent radio. The problem was so interesting that they wanted to be answered their question at once. They wanted to supply us with the necessary documents. The present task of science and engineering is to effect a thermonuclear reaction not in the form of an explosion but as a controlled and calm process. Today chemists are to find new methods of inorganic high polymer synthesis. To prevent corrosion metal must be covered with paint.


Переведите на русский язык. Выделите красным герундий и синим цветом отглагольное существительное в первом, втором, восьмом, девятом, шестнадцатом и девятнадцатом предложениях. Определите грамматические признаки герундия и отглагольного существительного.

A thorough mastering of a foreign language will assist you in many branches of work. Mastering a foreign language thoroughly is not easy. I like reading such kinds of books. He began reading this article two hours ago. Reading such articles is quite necessary. Reading aloud is recommended.  There are many ways of solving this problem. They started the charging of batteries. They started charging batteries. By burning coal we may heat water in a boiler. Measuring resistance is necessary inn many experiments. Nowadays scientists are working out methods for utilizing atomic energy for general use in peaceful purposes. After finishing the experiments, we wrote down the results. We spoke about the difficulty of reading such books without consulting the English-Russian dictionary. On reading this article he made up his mind to translate it into Russian. The designing of that building met all the necessary requirements. He displayed great skill in designing this building. We shall achieve still better results by realizing greater economy of time. Gramophone records and tape-recordings now play a substantial role in studying foreign languages. The student asked to explain the use of the Present Perfect Tense succeeded in doing it rather well. Our aim is mastering English in the shortest time possible. Do you mind coming earlier tomorrow? The launchings of artificial moon-satellites will make it possible to solve a number of scientific and engineering problems in the of space exploration.

Дата публикации: 12 сентября, 2020


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